Accepted Papers

  • Abstract State Machines and System Theoretic Process Analysis for Safety-Critical Systems
    Farah Al-Shareefi, Alexei Lisitsa and Clare Dixon
  • An Implementation Relation for Families of Timed Automata
    Guillermina Cledou, José Proença and Luis Barbosa
  • Applying a Formal Method in Industry: a 25-Year Trajectory
    Thierry Lecomte, David Deharbe, Etienne Prun and Erwan Mottin
  • Capturing Stochastic and Real-Time Behavior in Reo Connectors
    Yi Li, Xiyue Zhang, Yuanyi Ji and Meng Sun
  • Checking static properties using conservative SAT approximations for reachability
    Pedro Antonino, Bill Roscoe and Thomas Gibson-Robinson
  • Encoding floating-points using the SMT theory in ESBMC: An empirical evaluation over the SV-COMP benchmarks
    Mikhail Gadelha, Lucas Cordeiro and Denis Nicole
  • Formal Analysis of the Information Leakage of the DC-Nets and Crowds Anonymity Protocols
    Arthur Américo, Artur Vaz, Mario S. Alvim, Sérgio V. A. Campos and Annabelle McIver
  • From Scenarios to Timed Automata
    Neda Saeedloei and Feliks Kluzniak
  • Graph Grammar Extraction from Source Code
    Lucio Mauro Duarte and Leila Ribeiro
  • Local Analysis of Determinism for CSP
    Rodrigo Otoni, Ana Cavalcanti and Augusto Sampaio
  • On Kleene Algebras for weighted computation
    Leandro Gomes, Alexandre Madeira and Luís Barbosa
  • OptCE: A Counterexample-Guided Inductive Optimization Solver
    Higo Albuquerque, Rodrigo Araújo, Iury Bessa, Lucas Cordeiro and Eddie Lima
  • Rapidly Adjustable Non-Intrusive Online Monitoring for Multi-core Systems
    Torben Scheffel, Normann Decker, Martin Leucker, Malte Schmitz, Philip Gottschling, Alexander Weiss and Christian Hochberger
  • Sound transpilation from binary to machine-independent code
    Roberto Metere, Roberto Guanciale and Andreas Lindner
  • Using Linear Logic to Verify Requirement Scenarios in Composite Web Service
    Kênia Oliveira and Stéphane Julia
  • UTCP: compositional semantics for shared-variable concurrency
    Andrew Butterfield