Online registration is performed via Brazilian Computer Society's web-based registration system (ECOS). From here, you can access the ECOS main web page. From 23rd November 2017 on, credit card will be the only online payment method available. On-site registration and payment (in cash) will be available from 27th November 2017 on; however, for the sake of planning, we would appreciate early registration of the attendees.


The following table presents the "only SBMF 2017", "only ETMF 2017" and "SBMF 2017 + ETMF 2017" registration fees. It is important to note that these values do not consider the CEMF grant. More information about this grant is available after the table.


CEMF grant: in order to promote the research and application of formal methods in Brazil, the SBC Special Commission of Formal Methods (CEMF – Comissão Especial de Métodos Formais) is proud to announce a grant of R$ 100.00 to cover part of the registration fee.

  • This grant applies to all aforementioned categories, but it is limited to attendees affiliated to institutions, organisations and companies located in Brazil. To apply for this grant, it is necessary to fill in a request, which needs to be uploaded during registration.
  • The registration payment will be blocked while the request is being analysed. When approved, the attendee shall proceed with the payment in order to conclude the registration process.
  • Moreover, attendees (affiliated to institutions, organisations and companies located in Brazil) that are not members of the SBC, but are willing to become, can register to the event and subscribe to the SBC membership simultaneously. In this case (COMBO option), the corresponding SBC membership fee (i.e., undergraduate student = R$ 19.00, graduate student = R$ 75.00, or professional = R$ 195.00) is added to the registration fee. It is important to note that in such a situation the attendee will already benefit from the discount prices exclusive for SBC members.
  • Attendees (affiliated to institutions, organisations and companies located in Brazil), whose SBC membership expires within the next 90 days, can also renew the association and register for the event simultaneously. In such cases, one needs to choose the COMBO option.

Student confirmation: when registering, students need to provide an enrollment proof. If also applying to the CEMF grant, both documents (grant request and enrollment proof) need to be uploaded as a single file.

Authors of accepted papers: at least one author of each accepted paper shall register to the conference before submitting the camera-ready version of the paper.

Benefits of each category:

  • Students (only SBMF, only ETMF, SBMF + ETMF): conference kit + coffee break
  • Professional (only ETMF): conference kit + coffee break
  • Professional (only SBMF, SBMF + ETMF): conference kit + coffee break + social dinner + SBMF proceedings


  • Extra copies of the SBMF proceedings may be purchased individually for R$ 150.00 (upon availability).
  • Extra vouchers for the social dinner may be purchased individually for R$ 150.00 (upon availability).


  • CEMF grant (affiliated to institutions, organisations and companies located in Brazil): application form (EN | BR)
  • Registration system 1: ECOS-1 (applying for the CEMF grant - affiliated to institutions located in Brazil)
  • Registration system 2: ECOS-2 (not applying for the CEMF grant)

Note: when creating a user account (required step for proceeding with the registration), the registration system checks whether the attendee institution/university is one from the SBC database. If this is not the case, one will see the following error message: "Please select a valid institution name". In such a situation, we kindly ask the attendee to send us an email (see Contact below) with the institution/university name to be added to the base.


Invitation letters to participate in ETMF or/and SBMF 2017 will be issued only to attendees who have already paid the registration fee in full. In order to issue the invitation letter, we need the following information. Please, send the request to the general chair directly (see Contact below).

  • Full name (as written in the passport)
  • Affiliation
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • Birth date and place of birth
  • Passport number and issue country
  • Passport issue date and expiration date
  • Name of the accepted paper (if this is the case)
  • Female/Male


Registrations may only be cancelled until 10th November 2017. In such cases, only 50% of the registration fee will be refunded. The remaining 50% will not be refunded because they will cover administrative costs.


If you have any questions or face any problems, please do not hesitate to contact the general chair directly: Gustavo Carvalho (